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I'm Burak,
here you can find more about me

I am a UX / UI designer based in Turkey. Curiosity has been a driving force for my UX design career and in time it has turned into my powerful motivation to deal with design challenges. I also love taking a walk around the boundaries of technological possibilities to become more inclusive. Collaborations with AI, Accessibility, and User Experience for Extended Reality constitute my major areas of interest.  


How my design story began

I graduated from the Koç University with a double major degree in Media and Visual Arts, where I first became familiar with the terms like design thinking process, the importance and principles of user-centered design, affordances, and human-computer interaction. 

After spending several years in the academic field of history - which helped me gain skills to work on tasks in-depth with high academic discipline-, I came to a realization that my true ambition is to work in a creative field. As a user myself, I always held a critical mind on the design of everyday products which led me to investigate UX and UI more. 

During the process, the courses I took from the Interaction Design Foundation and my beloved friend and mentor, Tugce Gungormezler, London-based UX Researcher, helped me a lot to equip myself with the necessary skills and improve my knowledge on user experience design. 

My Works

I have been working as a freelance UX/UI Designer on various projects. I consider myself as an advocate of "user-first", "mobile-first" and "content-first" approaches, and looking forward to creating more value for people with my designs. 

Contact me

Please email me at: 

or contact me on LinkedIn 

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