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TesisPro is a customisable employee tracking app for businesses launched by Code Lama in Turkey

My Role: UI Design (Wireframing for mobile app; Website and Content Design)



TesisPro is a product of Code Lama Ltd. launched in February 2023 in Turkey. TesisPro is a customisable employee tracking app for businesses and it aims to help them by offering services that include:

  • A seamless and consistent “check-in” experience for employees in a facility.

  • The cloud-based software which contributes to the control management systems by providing extended control with high security and easy surveillance.

  • A security management system with a QR Code generated for each user which brings more environmental and sustainable solutions than conventional methods like ID-Cards or other biometric security systems.


I leaped into this project during its ideation and prototyping stage, and I contributed to the birth of TesisPro with my wireframes and information architecture-related ideas. We, I and my colleague, Ozgul, managed this process and generated many wireframes that shaped the structure of the product and the basic design assets of its main features.

TesisPro Wireframe.png
TesisPro Wireframe 2.png

As a part of the project, I was in charge of designing the website to promote the app. First, I created the content of the website, where I pointed out the importance of TesisPro’s features and services by using visuals predominantly. Then, I built my design elements to deliver a user-friendly, responsive website for TesisPro. During this phase, I collaborated closely with a front-end developer and the owners of the project to make sure that everyone is in line with each other and content with the result we have.

TesisPro Web Bu (1).png
Mobil TesisPro (1).png

UI Design Elements

Colour Palette

Color 1.png
Color 2.png
Color 3.png


Fonts 1.png
Fonts 2.png
Fonts 3.png


Frame 3.png
Frame 4.png
Frame 5.png



TesisPro is an employee tracking app providing an advanced control management system for businesses with its user-centered design. By applying my knowledge on UX and UI design to this project, I played a crucial role in its ideation and prototyping phases.

Furthermore, I also worked as a web and content designer on the same project. Thanks to, users can download the app and get information about its features.

The Take Away

  • Being a part of a team provides a nutritious environment for further growth.

  • Getting and giving regular feedback was the most essential and valuable aspect of the process for me since it allowed me to take ownership of my content and design decisions more confidently.

It would be super to talk more about this project in an interview!

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